2020 Wopart regulation


In this document, “Wopart Executive Sagl” means Wopart Executive Sagl, based in Crocicchio Cortona, 6 – 6900 Lugano CH


2.A – Date, venue and time of the Exhibition
The exhibition will take place from 27th to 29th November 2020 at the Exhibition Centre in Lugano at the following times:
• 26th November from 09.00 to 11.00: Vetting (all displayed works, in addition those in storage must be placed at the Scientific Committee’s disposal); from 12:00 to 15:00: Press Preview; from 16:00 to 18:00: VIP Preview; from 18:00 to 21:00: Opening – by invitation only –
• 27th – 28th – 29th November from 11:00 to 20:00.
Exhibitors and employees have access to stands half an hour before the opening time and half an hour after the closing time.

2.B – Delivery of stands
The stands will be made available to the exhibitors from 09:00 24th November and must be completed by 19:00 25th November. Exhibitors shall make sure that the allotted booth installer complies with the above deadline, by including in their contract a clause related to completion by the deadline.

2.C – Access to the Exhibition Ground during the installation of stands
Access to the exhibition centre is permitted solely to authorised people in possession of a valid entry document, which must be shown whenever requested by the service personnel.
For members of the public a valid entry ticket constitutes a valid entry document.
During the installation and dismantling stages, suppliers, exhibitors, stand builders and anyone else who has to enter the exhibition centre for any reason may enter solely if in possession of the appropriate pass, following accreditation of details from the site www.wopart.eu. The Exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that the companies carrying out work in the exhibition centre on their behalf meet the necessary requirements. During installation, access to the exhibition for both people and vehicles is permitted as follows:
• 24th November from 09:00 to 19:00.
• 25th November from 09:00 to 19:00.
Access to the halls by vehicles is prohibited: the only exception is for electric lift trucks or vehicles fitted with catalytic converters, as well as vehicles expressly authorised by the hall managers (in the case that no alternative solution is objectively possible for the unloading of particularly bulky and heavy materials).
Parking in the areas next to the pavilions shall be strictly limited to the time necessary for loading and unloading goods and equipment: vehicles not used for these operations must be parked in the reserved zones of the carpark.
In particular, unloading and temporarily storing containers or detachable parts of non-self-propelled vehicles is not permitted.
On 24th and 25th November vehicular access to the halls shall be strictly prohibited; stand furnishers may continue to work using hand-pulled trolleys. Wopart Executive sagl is entitled to define, also for the purposes of the safety in the workplace regulations, specific access criteria to the trade fair premises during the setting-up activities, as well as limit the access of vehicles and/or request payments in the event of vehicles being parked outside the space and/or time limits defined by Wopart Executive sagl.
For safety reasons, Exhibitors and the fitters working on their behalf are prohibited from using their own lift trucks, mobile cranes, aerial platforms, etc. in the Exhibition Centre.

2.D – Removal of Exhibitor’s works. Handing back of stands
Access to the exhibition area for the removal of Exhibitor’s works removal will be as follows:
• 29th November from 20:00 to 22:00.
• 30st November from 08:00 to 12:00.
Access to the halls by vehicles is regulated as during the installation period (see art. 2 C). The dismantling of stands, wherever they are located, shall be completed by 12:00 30st November. If this is not the case, the organizers will dismantle the stands and anything left in the stand will be considered as waste and sent to public waste management facilities, and the Exhibitor shall be required to reimburse all direct and indirect expenses incurred during removal of said articles, as well as to pay a fine of chf 200 not excluding further charges for higher damages. The Exhibitor accepts all responsibility for any damage or theft which may occur during the Exhibition or during the removal of items from the hall or after.

2.E – Payment of participation fees
Payment of the fees due for participation in the Exhibition shall be made within the times and in the manner specified on the application form. Although the exit voucher is not issued to exhibitors who have not settled all of their accounts, direct or indirect, with the Organizer, it does not constitute receipt of settlement of the sums due for participation in the exhibition, and shall be valid only for the vehicle indicated on the voucher itself.

2.F – Insurance, Exemption and Assumption and Limitations of Responsibility
During the hall opening times, the Exhibitor shall watch over their own stand either directly or by means of their personnel. Although Wopart Executive sagl provides a general day and night surveillance service inside the Exhibition Centre for the entire duration of the Exhibition and for the periods of installation and dismantling of the stands, the Organiser is released from any responsibility for theft from and/or damage to the Exhibitor and their property. The Exhibitor shall also be responsible towards Wopart Executive sagl for all damage, be it direct or indirect, which for any reason is attributable to them or to the staff working for them (including damage caused by materials or by systems installed by the Exhibitor or by third parties hired to do so).
Compensation for damages deriving from such theft or damage as may be sustained by the Exhibitor, also outwith the hall opening hours (including all the days set aside for stand installation and removal) shall be made solely by means of adequate insurance policies and by the provisions and limitations therein. The Exhibitor shall benefit from the following policies taken out by Wopart Executive sagl:
a) Third party liability Insurance Certificate, including fire damages: single maximum coverage of chf 5,000,000;
b) The civil employees’ liability: maximum per accident chf 2,000,000 (two million euro) with a limit of chf 1,000,000 for each person;
c) Insurance Company waives all recourse to action against the Exhibitors and Wopart Executive sagl.
The above-listed insurance policies are governed by the conditions and limitations, which the Exhibitor may request from the Exhibition organising office, and which will be printed on the documentation relating to the exhibition. These insurance policies do not release the Exhibitor from liability in cases of risks, which, according to the independent assessment of the Exhibitor, are not covered, or which exceed the limits of cover as set out above. The Exhibitors must make direct arrangements for the insurance coverage they think most appropriate. In any case, the Exhibitor undertakes to include in the supplementary insurance cover a clause in which the Insurance Company waives all recourse to action against the Exhibitors, the Organiser and Wopart Executive sagl, and in default they shall indemnify them from any action that may be brought against them.
In view of the above, the Exhibitor, in any case, on their own behalf and on behalf of their collaborators or representatives, exonerates Wopart Executive sagl of all responsibility for losses or damage that may occur, for whatever reason, in the assigned exhibition space, during the exhibition or periods for the installation or dismantling of stands, and whatever is present there, and assumes responsibility for damage also caused by third parties in managing the exhibition space, or by whatever may be introduced into it, that is not covered in the terms and ways indicated above or covered by the Exhibitor’s insurance. Wopart Executive sagl declines any responsibility for consequential damages, damage of image, loss of invoices, etc. Even for direct damage, the Exhibitor accepts that Wopart Executive sagl limit their responsibility to the limits and maximums of insurance covers reported above. The Exhibitor accepts these limits of liability.


3.A – Definition of type of stand set-up and approval procedure
Stand set-up, regardless of surface area, is classified as follow
• STANDARD set-up
NON-STANDARD set-up entails even just one of the following features:
• presence of “American” type lattice structure with a free standing structure 8.00m or with a total length exceeding 32.00m
• Presence of horizontal structures in metal or other material with span exceeding 4,5 m
• Presence of a mezzanine with rooms on the upper level, even if not accessible to the public
• Presence of a platform exceeding 0.80m in height
Considering that the exhibiton centre is authorised to use the exhibition spaces for stands of a traditional set-up, or with the STANDARD parameters, exhibitors intending to set up a space with even just one of the above-listed features are required to submit their plans, signed by an authorised technician, to Wopart Executive sagl for approval not less than 20 days before the start of the official assembly. These plans must be sent via fax or registered post.
A static test made only by Wopart Executive sagl is compulsory for installation of non-standard assemblies. In case the exhibitor is not in possession of the layout of the project of non-standard stand fittings, signed by an authorised technician, it is possible to request prior verification of the stand from Wopart Executive sagl.
For non-standard structures, if the relevant plans are not provided to Wopart Executive sagl a verification and validation can be made entirely at the expense of the Exhibitor. Wopart Executive sagl reserves the right to not grant permission for the installation of non-standard stands that have not been approved in advance.
The design of “American” type lattice structure with a particular level of complexity with overall length exceeding 32m, calculating both the vertical and horizontal elements of the structure, and/or with free standing structure exceeding 8m, or horizontal metal structures or in different material with a span of 4.5m and of mezzanines must be signed by an authorized engineer, and complete with calculation report specifying load conditions during assembly and disassembly, based on the construction method to be used, as well as certification of correct assembly. In any case, Wopart Executive sagl shall be entitled to examine the projects relevant to any stand not complying with ordinary set-up furnishing standards, based on their importance, size or dangerousness; the Exhibitor must provide the relevant technical documents and the names of technicians in charge of the structure and of the installation, as well as those in charge of the various systems installed.

3.B – Stand installation.
Exhibitors must limit their stand to the floor space allocated to them, marked out by either partition walls, painted lines or adhesive tape on the floor, where no other limiting reference is found. Inside the halls, the stands may not exceed a standard height of 3.00m. In order to take account the thickness of the raised floors, lighting elements and light supports, including lattice structures, a further 50cm will be added to the maximum taking the above specified limit to 3.50m, on condition that the structures whose sides face adjoining stands are perfectly finished and painted in a neutral, solid colour. If the stand has glass panels in direct contact with the public, such panels must comply with UNI provisions in force. The Exhibitor shall bear sole responsibility with respect to the stability of the fittings, the burning behaviour of materials used and they expressly release Wopart Executive sagl of all obligations for any damage deriving from planning and construction defects.

3.C – Waste management
Installation and dismantling
It is forbidden for Exhibitors and fitters, during the Exhibition installation and dismantling period, to abandon debris and/or waste of any kind, in the exhibition areas and areas surrounding the exhibition centre. Waste and other materials from installation and dismantling period is to be removed by the installers and/or their employees, All corridors and passages in the exhibition centre must be kept free of all waste and must not be blocked. During the installation and dismantling phase, containers will be made available for each exhibition hall for the collection of materials stated above. Wopart Executive sagl personnel, present in every hall during opening hours, will assure the users of this service respect the rules for the management of waste and residue. Anomalies will be recorded and reported to the competent authorities.
Non-compliance with these rules will result in a penalty for the installer to reimburse the costs incurred by Wopart Executive sagl in correctly dealing with the waste, at a rate of not less than chf 400 (four hundred euro) plus VAT for every 16m2 of floor space allocated to the Exhibitor.

Waste produced during the exhibition must be delivered to the waste separation and recycling areas in the Exhibition Centre and separated by type (paper, glass, metal, plastic, and residual).

3.D – Prohibitions
It is specifically prohibited for Exhibitors to:
• apply loads to or lean materials against the halls structures, walls etc.;
• attach to or suspend from the above-mentioned elements posters, cables, panels, banners, stickers etc.;
• fix carpets or similar material to the floor using highly adhesive double-sided tape, tape with internal paper support or tape of weak consistency;
• damage the equipment of Lugano Exhibition centre and the structure of the halls;
• use, within the confines of the Exhibition Centre, their own forklift trucks and heavy lifting equipment;
• leave waste materials and/or waste of any kind;
• carry out performances or entertainment of any type, nature or features, even within the area of the stand or product advertising, unless this has been previously authorised by Wopart Executive sagl. The Exhibitor undertakes as their sole liability both civil and criminal responsibility for whatever damage may be caused by either the non-compliance with, or the breach of, relevant laws and of all requirements quoted in this Regulation while also undertaking to waive Wopart Executive sagl from any claimed forwarded by any third party. The Exhibitor must inform their staff and those companies operating on their behalf within the exhibition centre of the requirements and the prohibitions of this Regulation on the general terms of participating in the Exhibition. Failure to comply with the law and any rules laid out in the General Conditions of Participation gives Wopart Executive sagl the right to take precautionary measures against companies, which may result (if supplemental safety measures are adopted) in the charging of related costs (calculated prior at not less than €300 per stand) or in an order to partially or totally remove the stand and a declaration that such stand is not fit for use.


4.A – Entry passes for Exhibitors and suppliers
Entry for WOPART exhibitors and suppliers is regulated by appropriate passes, supplied by the Organiser Secretary’s Office. Exhibitors will also be given two car-parking permits, irrespective of the size of the stand, entitling them to park, during the opening hours of the exhibition, in the spaces designated by Lugano Esposizioni, subject to availability. The Exhibitor is responsible for the correct use of the entry passes and also for the behaviour of those to whom the passes are given.

4.B – On-line catalogue
The catalogue will contain the information furnished by the Exhibitors no less than 15 days prior to the start of the Exhibition and, with regard to the name and the product sector; the data supplied on the application form will be considered valid.

4.C – Sound Transmission, Copyrights & Royalties
As a rule, exhibitors are not allowed to use audio equipment to broadcast music and sound. Any exceptions can be authorized in writing. Authorisation may be withdrawn with immediate effect and at any time by written notice. Authorization does not release the Exhibitor from the obligation to use the equipment in such a way as not to disturb the other exhibitors and visitors, with particular attention to noise pollution laws (maximum volume permitted by law). The observance of all relevant copyright laws are the responsibility of, and at the expense of, the Exhibitor.


5.A – Entrance with bags & cases
Wopart Executive sagl reserves the right to deny access to the Exhibition Centre or to individual halls to visitors with bags, suitcases or other containers. Such items must be stored in the cloakroom.

5.B – Ban on photography, filming, and entry to the Exhibition Centre with photographic and filming equipment
It is forbidden to enter the Exhibition Centre with cameras, film cameras, video recorders or any other type of filming equipment without the prior authorisation of Wopart Executive sagl. It is forbidden to photograph and film the interior of the Centre, the stands and the goods on display without the prior authorisation of Wopart Executive sagl and the stand owner.


Wopart Executive sagl takes steps to ensure that the regulations and the general conditions for participation are observed, and all those entering the Exhibition Centre are obliged to abide by the provisions and instructions that Wopart Executive sagl issues on entry to and inside the Centre; these instructions may take the form of signs, written notices and loudspeaker announcements and may also be issued by the service personnel or by any other means, it being understood that loud-speaker announcements and instructions given by the service staff shall take precedence over all other form of notification. Exhibitors are reminded that failure to observe the rules or the violation of prohibitions may result in the immediate closure of the stand by officers or agents of Wopart Executive sagl, or in the withdrawal of the entry passes and parking permits and the Exhibitor shall not be entitled to any refund whatsoever.


Any provisions of law or regulations that alter the terms of these Exhibition Regulations will be immediately and automatically effective, even though the Exhibition Regulations have not been modified or changed to reflect said amendments. In addition, Wopart Executive sagl has the right to adopt at any time such measures as are deemed most appropriate, which the exhibitor shall immediately apply, with regard to fire prevention, work hygiene, accident and damage prevention, and the safety of exhibitors and visitors. These latter provisions may be brought to the attention of Exhibitors by any means and they shall prevail over the general provisions in force up to that time.

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